a 3 day sensual women’s intensive about pleasure

18th of november 2021 ~ 9:30       –     20th of november 2021 ~ 18:30

You feel it’s time to Juice up your life and awaken your Natural Orgasmicness

You are longing to;

✧ Awaken your Sexual Energy and feel Sparkly and Alive 
✧ Deepen the Pleasure Potential of your Body
✧ Get to know your body so intimately that you become your own Best Lover
✧ Have a playful and deeply nourishing (sex)life

You feel it’s time to reclaim your Erotic Power and come home to your Body

“ There is a vitality, a life force, a quickening that is translatedthrough you into
action, and because there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique,
and if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium; and be lost.
The world will not have it. ”

Martha Graham (dancer)

In this Intensive you will;

✨ Ignite your Sexual Energy by awakening the Erotic Archetypes 

✨ Soften and Melt into your body with Sensual Dance

✨ Learn to bring a sense of play to setting boundaries and asking for what you want

✨ Learn how your ‘No’ can liberate a deep and juicy ‘Yes’

✨ Experience how Energetic Play can evoke completely new sensations

✨ Receive new ingredients for your Self-Pleasure Rituals

✨ Learn powerful Breath Techniques to expand your Pleasure

This is for you if you;

🔥 identify as a woman, or in between genders.

🔥 are open and curious to explore your sensuality

🔥 are between 18 and 108 years old

🔥 want to feel self confident and deeply connected to your body and sexuality

🔥 are ready to rewire old patterns around giving and receiving

🔥 long to sense more subtle sensations and explore Energetic Play

🔥 are openminded and feel ready, but you have no experience with Tantra or the Wheel of Consent

🔥 think you can’t dance.. For this intensive you need no dance experience

🔥 long for more authentic connections with greater ease

The Juice Ingredients


Orgasmic Yoga

☆ Archetype Journeys

☆ Sensual Dance

☆ Wheel of Consent

☆ (Self-)Touch

☆ Embodiment

☆ Erotic Types

☆ Orgasmic Breath

☆ Delicious Vegetarian Food 

The Juice


Elixir of Life.

It is your sexual energy,

vital and sparkly.

It is always there,

deep inside of you.

It wants to be uncorked,

to flow wild and free!

It wants to kick and to roar,

to open and to breathe,

and to coil of

toe-curling pleasure.

It wants to pull you

back into the flesh

of your gorgeous body.

To show you

that life is, indeed,


Your facilitators

Mila de Bos

Mila’s presence will invite you to explore and celebrate your sensuality and feminine power. She works with Sensual Dance and Archetypes and is deeply passionate about guiding women back home to their bodies.
Helping them evoke that connection to their erotic innocence, playfulness and life energy.

“Dancing is my tool. It’s such powerful medicine. Because your body knows! It remembers how it feels to be totally ALIVE.  Getting that juicy life energy to flow freely and helping you to feel freer in your body & movement: That’s my thing!”


Ârati Bonte

Ârati works as a Somatic Sexological Bodyworker and transformation process mentor in her own practice in Nijmegen. She’s very earthy and sweet and brings delicate subjects in a simple and easy way, with deep wisdom and knowledge.

She was educated as a sexological bodyworker in Australia and Berlin and also teaches Ritual Play, the AUM meditation and she works with the Wheel of Consent.

The location

Centrum de Horst
Meddoseweg 22, Winterwijk Meddo, the Netherlands

Far away from civilization you will find this beautiful pictoresque place, where you immediately feel welcome. We love this place! The owners are Jan & Anke and together with their son Toninjo they will  cook delicious vegetarian meals for us with lots of love.

This place is beautiful. The workshop space is located in an old dutch shed, completely renovated. With 150 m2 we have ALL the space to dance and touch.

For an €30,- extra you will have a solo room with private bathroom(!)

What’s included in your ticket?

☆  A sensual all-in intensive that will make you feel deeply nourished and alive
☆  3  delicous vegetarian meals a day
☆  Yummy treats : fruit, chocolate, cookies 
☆  Tea & water as much as you wish
☆  Accomodation – A cosy 1- or 2-bedroom.
☆  Bed linen & towels included
☆ Sauna evening

☆  Swimming in the lake nearby
☆  Access to the knowledge of Ârati ánd Mila
☆  The opportunity to step out of your daily routine and come back to your body, your pleasure, your Juice.
☆  Gifts to take home like : an Online Sensual Dance Flow class – an Orgasmic Yoga Audio – The Juice Playlist
☆  Deepening your Pleasure Potential


(until 31 October 2021)