The summer play edition!

20 july 2021 ~ 19:00       –     23 july 2021 ~ 18:30
With Ritual Play, Sensual Dance, Massage, Wheel of Consent, Swimming and Delicious Food

ritual play massage sensual
sensuality retreat
swimming in the lake

The Juice


Elixir of Life.

It is your sexual energy,

vital and sparkly.

It is always there,

deep inside of you.

It wants to be uncorked,

to flow wild and free!

It wants to kick and to roar,

to open and to breathe,

and to serpentine of

toe curling pleasure.

It wants to pull you

back into the flesh

of your gorgeous body.

To show you

that life is, indeed,


This Summer Play edition..

Is going to be special! It’s different from previous editions, with more time for play, massage, dance and relaxation. We will invite you to explore and taste different flavours of play and touch.
You could call it ‘The Juice 2.0’!

is an amazing way to connect to yourself and others. Because you’re communicating with your body, it’s an incredible tool for deeper embodiment!
And it can teach you a lot about your patterns in connecting to yourself and others.

“The beauty of Ritual Play is that the participants learn how to play. That is huge. Generally, when you are close to people physically and/or you are having sex, you have a goal. And everybody working with tantra and intimacy will say “don’t have a goal.” But nobody teaches you HOW to not have a goal, what to do instead. Ritual Play teaches you that. Plus, it is fun, really fun.”
Dr. Betty Martin, founder of The Wheel of Consent.⁣

The art of pleasure
There is SO much to learn about pleasure! Unfortunately, it’s not something
they teach us in school.And when shame and guilt are involved, this has a big effect on your ability to enjoy your body.
That is why we, Ârati and Mila, feel deeply passionate about teaching you all about the art of pleasure!

We will offer you a variety of tools and experiences, which will show you new pathways to your pleasure. You might discover things about yourself that you’d never expect!

This intensive is for
Anyone who identifies as a woman, or in between genders, from 18 – 98 years old, and is curious about exploring their sexuality in a playful way.
This play edition is for women with some experience in tantra/ bodywork/ consent. If you are completely new to this, we suggest that you register for the november edition of The Juice.
If you’re not sure whether this is for you, you can always book a free call with one of us.

Everything we suggest is an invitation, you should always feel free to do it in your own way or not at all. Your boundaries are sacred and you don’t need to do anything you don’t want to do.
It is only when you feel very safe that, your body can relax and open up to sensuality and pleasure.
You don’t need to have any dance experience, so don’t worry if you think you can’t dance!
This is about enjoying your movement
rather than dancing in a beautiful way.

The Juice Ingredients

☆ Lots of Play!
☆ Orgasmic Yoga
☆ Sensual Dance 
☆ Ritual Play
☆ Wheel of Consent
☆ (Self-)Touch
☆ Embodiment
☆ Erotic Types
☆ Sauna

☆ Swimming in the Lake
☆ Delicious Vegetarian Food

Your facilitators

Mila de Bos

Mila’s presence will invite you to explore and celebrate your sensuality & feminine power. She works with Sensual Dance & Archetypes and is deeply passionate about guiding women back home to their bodies.
Helping them evoke that connection to their erotic innocence, playfulness and life energy.

“Dancing is my tool. It’s such powerful medicine. Because your body knows! It remembers how it feels to be totally ALIVE.  Getting that juicy life energy to flow freely and helping you to feel freer in your body & movement: that’s my thing!”

Ârati Bonte

Ârati works as a somatic sexological bodyworker and mentor of transformation processes in her own practice in Nijmegen. She’s very earthy and sweet and brings delicate subjects in a simple and easy way, with a lot of knowledge.

She was educated as a sexological bodyworker in Australia and Berlin and also teaches Ritual Play, the AUM meditation and she works with the Wheel of Consent.

The Duo

Arati and Mila form a beautiful team together.
They are 30 years apart and in different stages of life,
which turns out to be very enriching for the participants.
Arati is often seen as the wise mama of the group
and Mila is known for her juicy playful energy.
Participants mention that they feel very safe in their presence.
Safety and clarity around boundaries and desires are very important
for both of them and this forms a beautiful basis to grow and expand.
They inspire each other continuously in their work
and they discovered that it’s much more fun to do it together!

The location

Centrum de Horst
Meddoseweg 22, Winterwijk Meddo, the Netherlands

Far away from civilization you will find this gorgeous and picturesque farm, where you will immediately feel welcome. We love this place! Our hosts are Jan & Anke and together with their son Toninjo they lovingly provide scrumptious vegetarian meals.

Their place is beautiful. The workshop space is located in an traditional Dutch shed, which has been completely renovated. With 150 m2 we have ALL the space we
need to have fun with dance and touch!

For an extra fee you can have a single room with a private bathroom(!)
There is also a sauna, and we will host a special Spa night during our intensive.

A 10 minute’s walk away from the farm is a beautiful natural lake where you can swim. 

What’s included in your ticket?

☆  A sensual all-in intensive that will make you feel deeply nourished and alive
☆  3  delicious vegetarian meals a day
☆  Yummy treats : fruit, chocolate & cookies 
☆  Plenty of tea & water
☆  Accommodation – A cosy single or double bedroom.
☆  Bed linen & towels included
☆ Sauna night

☆  Swimming in the nearby lake
☆  Access to Ârati ánd Mila’s knowledge
☆  The change to get out of your daily routine and come back to your body, your pleasure, and your Juice.
☆  Take-away gifts including – an Online Sensual Dance Flow class – and an Orgasmic Yoga Audio 
☆  A chance to deep your experience of Pleasure



To get access to this event you need to bring a negative covid test result.
This will help us to create a safe environment for everyone.
If you do a test on monday the 19th, you still have time to do a PCR test in case it’s positive,
to double check if the result was right.