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From a mama who is determined to combine motherhood, sensuality and a love life.


Wegen naar Opwinding

Ontelbaar veel wegen naar Opwinding

Masturberen begint met aanraking en seks is penetratie.
Dat is wat ik jarenlang heb gedacht.
Maar langzaam aan begin ik te ontdekken dat er veel meer manieren zijn om opgewonden te worden dan ik ooit had kunnen bedenken. Er gaat een wereld voor me open!
Eerst leerde ik over de Erotische Typen en dat er verschillende manieren zijn waarop je ‘bedraad’ kunt zijn. Dat de ene mens dus op een heel andere manier opgewonden wordt, dan de andere..

wilde vrouw archetype

Boosheid niet toegestaan

Mocht jij vroeger onredelijk en boos zijn? Gewoon de kamer uitstormen en de trap op denderen als het even allemaal te veel was? Lieten je ouders je ook echt even alleen op je kamer als je schreeuwde: “Laat me met rust!!!”
Of werden je ouders altijd nét iets bozer dan jij was, zodat je wel moest dimmen? Of waren ze diep gekwetst en verdrietig als jij zei: “Nu even niet mam!!!”
Dan is er een grote kans dat het archetype De Wilde Vrouw (of de Wilde Man natuurlijk) flink onderdrukt is geraakt..
increase attraction

How to feel attracted to your partner again

How often does it happen that you are in your zone, busy with cooking, when your partner suddenly spanks your bum? And you feel like ‘WHAT THE FUCK?? Where did that come from?!’
But when you turn around and you see his happy face, you say nothing about it.

Or, when you’re waking up in the morning, in ‘the spoon’ with your man, and then his morning glory rises…

The critical masculine gaze

What do you experience when you see this video?
Do you like watching it?
Do you maybe even feel arroused by watching it?
Or do you think: ‘Jeezz does she really have to show that here to everyone on social media? What does she want to get out of it? She must be an attention-addict.’
Or: ‘Pleasing your man like that is so disempowering!’
the maiden archetype

The sleeping Maiden

(…)if you are afraid of your deepest desires, if they seem to only hurt you, because you don’t trust that what you desire will come to you, you can start to repress it. That feeling of deeply deeply longing for something, is part of the Maiden’s power.

Imagine a little girl, dreaming about beautiful things. She is completely one with her vivid imagination..

scared to seduce my man

Scared to seduce my man

~Vulnerable share~
With all those juicy yummy classes I teach, I often feel ‘in the mood’ lately. Which I LOVE, because it comes from within!
And in my classes I can totally enjoy all of it. We create this sensual bubble all together where I get to dance it out, celebrate it, feel like a WOMAN! Together with all of these awesome women.

Then I come home and I want to share that mood with my man! But…

expand your pleasure

Joy generates abundance

Wow.  I’m still surfing the waves that my JOYday gave me! Pilar Lesko suggests to implement a weekly Joyday. One day a week to follow your joy. The whole day! And avoiding social media, that too.
The idea is that feeding your business, is the same as feeding yourself. If you are taking excellent care of yourself, for instance by following your joy, then you radiate your core frequency and attract more good things to you! You’ll be like a magnet for pleasure, abundance and opportunities..
mama in overdrive

Running my business during naps

Do you know these moments where you’re so convinced what you’re doing is the only way, but when you look back, there are so many more ways?

I had a wake up call a few weeks ago. It was after having hosted my first retreat…

selfcare housekeeper happy mama

How hiring a housekeeper upgraded my life 20x

“You know babe, I feel super happy!! And actually… That happens really often lately! I just realise it.”
I told Jo two days ago.

When I thought WHY, I discovered a few changes that made a BIG difference..

free sexuality

Liberate your Juice & inspire the world

This just feels so freakin’ important!
I showed a circle of women the first minute of this video, that I find deeply inspiring.
Then I asked them: When did you feel so playful, sexy & free?
Each woman shared her experience…

feminine power sensuality

Is sexy dance disempowering?

A brave woman told me that the Wall Dance video of a Liquid Motion class I posted, felt like ‘horny porn’ to her. Dancing as horny as possible for a man. It felt cold and empty to her. I actually like it when people give me such honest feedback. I only see…

The authentic power of the feminine archetypes

When I discovered Archetype dance a few years ago, it felt like coming home. I had been doing lots of women’s work & was always attracted to ‘the Feminine’. But I also missed something in a lot of these workshops & teachings…