erotic empowerment dance sensuality

Sensual dance flow Sessions

June 16,  23,  30 &  July  7,  14   ~   9:30 – 10:45am (CET)  

 Sensual Dance is an amazing way to (re)connect to your body & your pleasure. To feel that sensuality from deep within! It awakens your Juice, gives you more energy and a vibrant sparkle in your eyes.

These sessions are designed to make you feel relaxed, empowered and alive!

The focus is not on learning new moves, but on learning ways to enjoy your body. This series is amazing if you long to reconnect to your sensuality and to feel happier in your body. Or if you long to be more than just a mama, a partner, or a business lady.  The focus is completely on your senses, your pleasure and your fun, not on what your dance looks like. 

>> So if you think you can’t dance, you CAN do this! <<

The sessions always start with a slow and fluid warming up, with your eyes closed. You’ll be guided to bring your focus to your senses, to how the movements feel in your body. You’ll be surprised by how the smallest movements can give you lots of pleasure!

Slow movement is a powerful trick to help your mind and body to relax. Your mind is fast, always alert. When you bring your attention to the sensations in your body, while you move very slowly, you’ll see how fast your body goes into relax mode. 
Especially when you do this practice more often, you will be conditioned to melt into relaxation even faster.
From this relaxed state, it is very easy to awaken your sensuality. 

This series is all about awakening your JUICE! Your juice is your vibrant, sparkly, life force, your sexual energy. That curious, playful energy inside. 
It is not only sex, it is life itself! 


Possible effects

Body positivity

Deep relaxation

Spark in your eyes

Sensual awakening


Pleasure & fun

Feeling totally alive

Connection to the other women

Flowing through your day

Fluid & happy body

Feeling powerful & sexy!

erotic empowerment dance sensuality
erotic empowerment dance sensuality

About the sessions

All sessions are on wednesday mornings, in the beautiful dance studio of Theater de Nieuwe Regentes in The Hague.

You can’t book the sessions separately, as this is a series. You get to experience the power of dancing with a group, this allows you to lift on the group energy. Your experience can go a lot deeper if you meet with the same people every week.

Each session starts with a super yummy warm-up that will help your body and mind to relax. Fluid movements will open up your spine to awaken sexual energy and increase the circulation of it.  These fluid and slow movements are designed for you to totally enjoy, it’s like a sensual movement meditation. After that, we awaken our juice through dancing, sounding, touch and breathing.

For whom?

These sessions are for everyone who identifies as a woman, or somewhere in between genders, of all ages, bodies and sizes. 
You don’t need any dance experience, just a curiosity to explore your sensuality.

Price:  €75,-